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The house behind 451 Lawrence in downtown Kelowa, one of the hidden relics typical of growing towns and cities. It stands behind a row of stores with a barber shop, a beauty shop and "Sugar 'n' Spice". The wall dormer on the rear of the house, and its complicated roofline, makes me think it probably was built about 1900 or soon thereafter.

535 Clement Avenue, an unusual Moderne house across the street from Kelowna's fabulous old railway station. Anybody know the history of it? I recall that the old BC Tree Fruits building in the warehousing area not far away was also in this style. Any connection?

From Dave Cousins, 2022: the home at 535 Clement Avenue was owned by Caesar & Nita Turri who I believe worked for The City of Kelowna in the Utilities Dept. for many years! My recollection of Mr. Turri was the white hardhat that he wore all the time which I think meant something of importance related his role with the City of Kelowna! Caesar was actually born in Kelowna which is a rarity these days! Here is his obituary. I grew up just down the street on the corner of St. Paul St. & Cawston Avenue in the log house and have known The Turri Family somewhat from the past! As a side-note, I believe the home will be levelled some time soon to be replaced by a Manhattan -New York type building!

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